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Philosophy of the project

Sound in the Silence is an interdisciplinary project for school youths that centers on historical education. Each edition of the project concentrates on specific location and history of that location in the 20th century. Youths from at least two countries get to know each other and together they learn about the history, culture and identity. Through artistic expression they express how the area and its history changed their understanding of themselves and friends from other nations. Final result of the project is an art piece co-created by young people.

At least two groups of youths participate in the project, groups of different nationalities and preferably from neighbouring states. The groups are selected at the beginning of the school year.  Throughout the school year and with the cooperation with their schools, groups of young people are motivated to participate in the preparation of the project through exchanging information and researching each other’s history.

The actual project takes place after extensive introduction to the area that they will be visiting. At least two groups of youths share accommodation and participate in cultural and educational activities for 5 to 10 days. During these days, the program for the youths is a combination of cultural and education activities. Morning sessions with educational workshops, lectures, and memorial visits, afternoon sessions include art workshops during which youths under the supervision and guidance of artists nominated by national coordinators. Participants and artists work together to create individual art pieces that prior to field trip’s end are combined into one.

Final result of their field trip is the creation of a common art piece that expresses the feelings of change and understanding brought about with finding out about new cultures and history. This art piece is created based on common/different experience that the youths discovered during their visit. No specific type or preference of art is required of the youths, the piece can be a theatre performance, dance performance, visual arts exhibition or other, depending on the different types of arts introduced into the given edition of the project.