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About the project

sound12“Sound in the Silence” is an intercultural and international remembrance project. It is is a way to reach young people through the use of various artistic forms. They are emotionally moved because they are able to express themselves through music, dance, theater, and their own texts. We want to find new ways of looking at the history of Europe, of our nations, states, regions and of transfering the past into our present lives.

The project is directed to young people, junior high and high school students at the age of 14-17. Each generation has to find its own ways and approaches to history, that are appropriate to their perception of reality and their ways of expression.

The Sound in the Silence project forced the young participants from Germany and Poland to confront the dark and sad rooms in which the rhythms of their forefathers remain silent.
(Dan Wolf, Initiator and Curator of the Project)

„It appears to me as if I could see the prisoners working.
I can feel their fear and their pain.
I hear them screaming, crying and dying.
It’s almost as if I could touch them. But I’m just the observer.
I can see them, but I still can’t change their past.“
(Alina Degener, Student from Germany)

„Being here, I have a feeling of pressure in my chest.
It’s as if a belt was tied around my chest and I can’t release it.
I can’t breathe.
It’s sad, I’m moved to tears.
I’m thinking of my Grandpa.“
(Paula Dahl, Student from Germany)

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