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2016 Theme: Resistance

A photo from Auschwitz Concentration Camp
by Abel Frances Quesada / flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

This year within the Sound in the Silence project we will explore the meaning of resistance, posing questions about human dignity, persecution and reactions to oppression.

We will start by discussing events that took place in Auschwitz Nazi German concentration camp, such as the activities of the in-camp underground movement organized by the Polish soldier Witold Pilecki or the escape of Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler, two Slovak Jews, authors of one of the original reports describing the situation in Auschwitz.

What’s more, we will also draw on post-war survivors’ accounts and works of art: songs by Holocaust Survivor Band, poems of Agnes Gergely, or the book Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl, to name just a few.

By discussing varied examples and getting to know different individual stories, we want to see what role resistance may play in contemporary society.