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Sound in the Silence 2016

Sound in the Silence 2016 bannerSound in the Silence is a cyclical project addressed to students from secondary schools, dedicated to  historical education. This year the project is organised in Poland and Slovakia – in Auschwitz and in the vicinity of Žilina.

Students from secondary schools in Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovak Republic  will spend four days in Auschwitz, where they will take part in workshops at Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. The themes of the workshops will concentrate on the history of the camp, and on the resistance movement. Student will learn about  people who managed to escape from the camp, including August Kowalczyk, Witold Pilecki, Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler.

Next, the participants will travel to the Slovak mountains to spend the rest of the week working in the peace and quiet of the countryside under the supervision of teachers and coordinators. The group will prepare an art project based on the thoughts and emotions related to the stories  encountered  in Auschwitz. Dan Wolf, an artist and a long-time Sound in the Silence collaborator, will act as the project’s Artistic Director as well as a participainting artist.

On the last day students will present the art project in Žilina, in Stanica – a cultural center,  a unique place that brings together educational and cultural events of the region.