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Gdansk 2015 - workshops

Dance workshop

Artist: Judit Györgypál

This movement workshop, inspired by Butoh dance and theater, uses history and emotions as source material to focus on the creation of site-specific choreography. You will travel through space to create movement and dance based on the painful and powerful emotions felt while in Gdansk. In this workshop you will move, adapt, connect, share, and find a new artistic freedom, through an authentic connection with your body, yourself, and each other. You will make new discoveries changing your perspective and shifting your muscle memory. You will leave this workshop with “new eyes” recognizing the tiny details and solidarity in everything around you.

Judit Györgypál was public education specialist, role play writer, artist, camps organizer, butoh and movement coach. She teaches weaving and dance for blind women; led workshops for children in orphanages and Red Cross; handwork for fugitive women in reception camp. She is also an active theatre educator. At the moment, she teaches Buddhism to 10-14 year olds, and runs a blog about philosophy and life.