European Network Remembrance and Solidarity Die Motte Foundation

Gdansk 2015 - workshops

Vocal training, improvisation & songwriting

Artist: Ines Biedermann

In this workshop we playfully explore the body as our instrument to produce the voice in all its ranges and varieties. It includes exercises in vocal improvisation that unleash our inspiration and creativity. We also learn about basic songwriting tools – how to create a melody, how to build a chord, how to put a chord progression together using a guitar and a piano, how to come up with a topic for lyrics, and how to connect lyrical fragments with one another. I will help you transform all your impressions from the visit into an authentic piece of art. Most importantly, the excercise mirrors the impact that revealed history had on you whether it be through an abstract vocal or instrumental sound collage or a concrete song.

Ines aka “KIJOKA JUNICA” has an ethereal quality which draws us into the inner world of beauty, magic and pain that is in every one of us. It is a rare gift this exposure of dreams and visions, images and stories. Her haunting but powerful voice fuses beautifully with her intricate rhythmic guitar playing, which often takes unexpected turns opening up a completely new vista.

At the same time this artist is not removed from us but is totally present in her live performances, real and tangible leaving no one unstirred. 

Although she is German she normally sings in Californian English which is an expression of her formative time spent there. This cultural melting pot had a strong impact on her artistic identity which has now synthesized with her calm and thoughtful German persona.

With her music she follows the female American singer songwriter tradition. 

Stylistically the bottom line is acoustic folk but she playfully melts jazz, rock or classical elements into her song writing, always returning to catchy hook lines that you find yourself humming on your way home. She performs solo and with different line ups. She has appeared on TV and radio and on numerous stages big and small in Germany, UK and the US.