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Gdansk 2015 - workshops

Music and improvisation workshop

Artist: Dirk Achim Dhonau

“How can we transform personal experience into sound and music? Is it possible to play music without playing an instrument or express yourself not having learned how to play it? It is!” This workshop will enable you to get to know your own personality and transform your personal impressions into sound. We will use “normal” instruments like drums, cymbals, keyboards, saxophones, and flutes, but also self-made recordings in and from our environment. Our work will respond to our surroundings and enter into conversation with the other workshops so that, in the end, our music will provide a soundtrack to the collective narrative presented to the public.

Dirk Achim Dhonau works as a Hamburg based Musician, Composer and Teacher. He studied Jazz at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg and performed with several Musicians as Dieter Glawischnig, Gary Thomas, Anthony Braxton, Kalle Kalima, Fred Frith, Criss Heenan, Massimo Fallascone and Vlatko Kucan.

His recent work concentrates on improvised music and improvising concepts which combine Improvisation with other artistic disciplines like theatre, dance and spoken word performances. Current projects are: Dhonau Dabrock Duo, Ensemble Eisenrot, Trio Collage and a chanson project with the actor Dominique Horwitz.