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Gdansk 2015 - about

Focus on the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War

Photo by Grzegorz Mehring / ECS Archive
Photo by Grzegorz Mehring / ECS Archive

The Second World War started when the troops of the German Third Reich attacked from the sea and from the air Westerplatte – a peninsula in Gdańsk, where important defence positions of the Polish army had been set in the interwar period. Through field trips to Westerplatte and history tours with detailed explanations and learning the witnesses’ accounts, the participants will learn about the struggle that took place on Westerplatte, and they will be reminded of how the war, the tragedy and suffering that followed for the next six years started.

A visit to Stutthof Concentration Camp will be another step in getting a connection with the history of the Second World War. They will have a chance to learn about the everyday life for former inmates, their tough living conditions, heroic acts and tragedies. A special emphasis will be placed on presenting the history of different nations that had to experience the suffering inflicted at concentration camps.