European Network Remembrance and Solidarity Die Motte Foundation

Edition 2012: Borne Sulinowo


The sites inspire the youth to create their own imagery. Coming to terms with the past and with one’s own concerns is expressed through artistic forms.

Vocal workshopVocals

In the beginning, the girls of the vocal group wanted to sing a love song in English. Based on the story of the letter of the Polish officer, they developed a song with several verses in Polish, English and Spanish. And the lyrics told about the love of the father for his son:

A strange cold wind / blows through the forest of the night / The coming and going of things / leaves an emptiness inside
The leaves of the trees / Hide the letter of a father to his son / Taking us back to the time / Where it all has begun
The ghost is gaining back his voice / So even the stars can hear / When he is calling out to his son / With no fear

Dance workshops in officer's messDance and Theater

Conversations and warm-ups took place before they move to the sites where they continue their work. The dance group and theater group practice their pieces in the ruins of the officers’ mess, right next to the music groups that also chose a location in the officers‘ mess to get inspired by a site.


Film workshopsFilm

The film group leaves to begin shooting. The students are inspired by the sites. They learn that they need to transform the images viewed in the camera shot. This is how collages originate at the different sites. The cut of the material again requires a different form of concentration. The youth shoot different film sequences in the woods, the ghost town and the officers’ mess. The collage of the footage is projected as part of the joint performance. For some shots, they record live music in the officers’ mess and combine it with original sounds of the sites. This is how a collage of atmospheric dense film sequences develops.