European Network Remembrance and Solidarity Die Motte Foundation

Edition 2012: Borne Sulinowo


music workshopStudents from Koszalin and Hamburg, who in September 2011 took part in a workshop organised in the Place of Remembrance at the Neuengamme concentration camp (Hamburg), are this year meeting in Borne Solinowo (former prisoner-of-war camp) in Poland to seek an answer to the following question: “What does the past have in common with the present and my own history?”

Such a place was chosen because its location, remarkable history and proximity to the hometown of the Polish students make it possible to attain a particularly Polish insight into the past. It brings a forgotten history to German students’ minds as well. And, by viewing it from a Polish perspective, the possibility of gaining a European point of view was created. On the one hand, it served the German armed forces, as both a military training ground and partially as a prisoner-of-war camp during World War II until it was liberated by the Red Army. On the other hand, until 1992 it was used by the Soviet Army as a garrison base. Thereafter, it fell into ruin and was later rebuilt, as a Polish place of remembrance and a town.