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Edition 2012: Borne Sulinowo

About the project

sound13“Sound in the Silence“ – intercultural and international project for youth – in 2012 took place in Borne Sulinowo / Groß Born and Koszalin.

Students from Koszalin and Hamburg, who in September 2011 took part in a workshop organised in the Place of Remembrance at the Neuengamme concentration camp (Hamburg), are this year meeting in Borne Sulinowo (former military camp) in Poland to seek an answer to the following question: “What does the past have in common with the present and my own history?”

Such a place was chosen because its location, remarkable history and proximity to the hometown of the Polish students make it possible to attain a particularly Polish insight into the past. It brings a forgotten history to German students’ minds as well. And, by viewing it from a Polish perspective, the possibility of gaining a European point of view was created.

On the one hand, it served the German armed forces, as both a military training ground and partially as a prisoner-of-war camp during World War II until it was liberated by the Red Army. On the other hand, until 1992 it was used by the Soviet Army as a garrison base. Thereafter, it fell into ruin and was later rebuilt, as a Polish place of remembrance and a town.