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Edition 2012: Borne Sulinowo


About the project

“Sound in the Silence“ – intercultural and international project for youth – in 2012 took place in Borne Sulinowo / Groß Born and …

Borne Sulinowo

About Borne Sulinowo

Borne Sulinowo is a place that combines German, Polish, Soviet, and Russian history of the region. Borne Sulinowo, known as Great Born/Pomerania until 1945, …

Music workshop


The sites inspire the youth to create their own imagery. Coming to terms with the past and with one’s own concerns is expressed …

Vocal workshop


Students from Koszalin and Hamburg, who in September 2011 took part in a workshop organised in the Place of Remembrance at the …



Artists: Jens Huckeriede † (Film, artistic director) Dorothee Carl (film editing on-site) Olaf Pyras (composer and drummer) Kijoka Junica (singer, songwriter) (Ines, vocals) …

Sponsors and supporters

The edition of “Sound in the Silence” in Borne Sulinowo happened thanks to those who sponsored and supported the project (in alphabetical …