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Book of Ravensbruck prison numbers

Materials for teachers and students 2017

>> Download materials for students: Ravensbrück: Women’s Hell >> Download materials for teachers: suggested literature, films, websites >> Download educational workshops programme

Schools taking part in 2017 edition

Botosani, Romania: Mihai Eminescu National College  Mihai Eminescu National College was created in 1870. Acting initially as a girl-only school, it was first called “Carmen …


The results are in!

See which schools from which countries will participate in this year’s edition of Sound in the Silence! 49 schools from 8 European …

Press Release 2017

Download a press release about recruitment for the Sound in the Silence 2017 edition: >> In English  >> In German >> In Hungarian …


Recruitment for the 2017 Edition

We want to make young people aware of noteworthy aspects of our history and help them develop a positive attitude towards other …

Meet the Artists – 2017 edition

Dan Wolf – Project Artistic Director, Creative Writing Workshops Dan Wolf is an actor, rapper, playwright, director, producer and educator. His work …